Benefit Thieves

It’s not if we catch you, it’s when

Deliberately withholding information that affects your claim is stealing. That’s why we are targeting benefit thieves!

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) takes benefit theft very seriously. Although the vast majority of people who claim benefits are honest, those who steal benefits are picking the pockets of law-abiding taxpayers. In 2010-11 benefit thieves stole an estimated £1.2 billion from public funds, that's why we are determined to catch them.

Stamping out benefit fraud

Combining our vast knowledge and expertise, we’re working alongside other government departments to cut down welfare fraud and error. This not only covers benefit theft, but tax evasion and organised crime as well.

We continue strengthening our efforts to reduce fraud through:

  • a fraud taskforce that checks claims in your area
  • hidden cameras and mobile surveillence
  • improved IT, cross-checking bank accounts and credit reference agencies
  • working with HMRC and local authorities to a single Fraud Invesigation Service which is solely committed to stamping out fraud
  • harsher sanctions and penalties to punish those who cheat the system.

We are focused on preventing fraud and error from entering the system, detecting and correcting it where it does exist, delivering more effective punishments to those who attack the system and deterring others from considering the same course of action.